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GitHub iOS app

iPhone app for GitHub

iOctocat is the GitHub app for your iOS device:
It works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
It is open source and .

iOctocat is the best way for staying up to date with what's happening with your projects and catching up with the open source ecosystem. Be informed about social coding news and don't miss changes to your favorite projects.

iOctocat in action

Click the iPhone to cycle through the screenshots.


iOctocat has a full-blown feature set, including:

These are the major features, plus lots more. The project itself is open source software too and is rapidly improved with new feature additions as the GitHub API gets extended. So don't miss your opportunity to stay current with the latest events in open source software and check your personal projects on the go.

Buy iOctocat today and be sure to follow the project on Twitter to be informed about what features will be added soon and when new versions ship!

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